Tuesday, December 14, 2010

So very, very close...

I turned in my essays yesterday!!  It was literally the most freeing feeling ever.  Last philosophy essays EVER, everyone.  And I actually enjoyed it a little.  I had a real argument in both of them, they were interesting, and I think I made my point.  Made it to the word count without any problem, and turned them in a full two hours early.  I may have skipped a little walking away from that building.  So now I'm left with my single final exam tomorrow - Scottish Studies.  I'm incredibly not excited, but really not worried, either.  Because then I will be DONE!!  And I am ready to be done, and to come home.

I'm actually really worried about getting home, though.  Sources differ about the amount of snow that's going to fall this weekend (Weather.com says 'light', BBC says 'heavy'.  This could actually just be a difference in opinion about the same amount of snow.  I believe Weather.com, but I'm worried by BBC's assessment because their kind are the ones deciding whether or not the airport stays open.), but there's a definite consensus that there will be snow falling beginning Thursday and potentially not stopping until next Wednesday.  I have little doubt that I will make it home for Christmas, but please, please pray that I get out of here Sunday morning.  That would just simplify things a LOT.  But no matter what, I just want to get home safely, if that means Sunday or Tuesday or next Friday.

Last night was my final small group of the semester!!  :(  It was really sad.  I'm going to miss everyone a lot.  But it was a fun time - we had a secret Santa gift exchange, the condition being the item had to cost less than a pound.  I put in two Chronicles of Narnia books (score from the charity shops) and got a Rubik's cube.  (It's going to be my entertainment for the trip home.  It's literally going to take me that long to solve it.)  We played some awesome games, and then for the Americans going home they had a picture of our small group from the night we went to the 'oldest pub in Scotland', and everyone wrote the sweetest notes on the back.

Now, continuing what I started a few days ago...

Lesson I've Learned #2: Prioritize
Being in Europe on a really limited budget has been a great experience.  No, seriously, it has.  Obviously, having endless money would have been awesome, but I've really learned some stuff.  Quality is totally what you make of it.  I've spent the semester shopping primarily at Lidl, the mildly dodgy German discount food store, but despite the fact that sometimes the instructions on the couscous are in languages I don't read and that the deodorant is only 69p (how can anyone make actual deodorant that cheaply??), none of it has failed me yet.  On the scale of life importance, Paris is rather high and American-brand hair products are pretty darn low.


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  1. I particularly like your detailed account of the difference between weather.com and BBC. If the snow does become a problem, just take those Scots out onto the runway and show them how to use an actual snow shovel. Your actions will not only allow you to get home, but likely help the entire Scottish economy.

    I had wondered what happened to your summary. As for the deodorant, I'd say the real question is why do we allow our prices to be inflated so much on something that clearly is not difficult to produce.